Adventure and Dual Sport Motorcycle Off Road Training

Whether you are a beginner to off road or a hardened traveller we offer off road training to suit you. During two days we will work on the fundemental skills required to ride safely and confidently off road. Our different training courses will work on your rider skills that will serve you on your daily ride, an exciting adventure or even for competitions.

Level 1


This training course is designed for those who have never ridden off road or have never taken any formal off road training. It teaches the foundations of off road riding and also gives you the understanding, skills and confidence to handle your machine on and off the bike. This course is an absolute must for anyone wanting to explore the world of off road or looking to feel in control when they take the  beaten track with their adventure bike.

-Off Road Riding Position`

-Handling your motorcycle

-Slow riding and balance

-Clutch and Throttle control

-Steering Off Road

-Emergency Braking on gravel roads

-Riding up and down hills

-Emergency stop on a hill

- Trail riding putting your new skills into practice

(not limited to)

Level 2


If you already feel confident in handling your motorcycle and ride regularly off road but want to build on your skills and be able to take your riding to the next step this is the course for you. Learn to ride your bike in more technical and difficult scenarios, but in a safe and controlled way – given expert advice and tips by our instructors to make the most of your motorcycle off road.

-Off Road riding position and bike set up

- Advanced Slow Riding Skills

-Advanced emergency stop 

-Riding on a camber

-Uphill riding with turns

-Downhill riding with turns

-Stopping on a hill

-Recovery on a hill


-Trail riding putting your new skills into practice

(not limited to)

Level 3


Level 3 course is aimed at those who have already completed the Level 2 training or can provide us with evidence of completing a similar level of previous training courses. This training course is aimed at riders who are already very confident on their machine but want to refine their skills and are looking for more of a challenge and want to be in complete control of their bike in the most difficult scenarios.

-Slow riding and balance skills in difficult terrain

-Up hill with tight turns

-Downhills with tight turns


-Brake turns


-Momentum training for obstacles 

-Trail riding to put your skills into practice

(not limited to)



16000 - Angoulême

10th April (one to one)

1th-12th April (1day group training)

13th April (one to one)

77320 - La Ferté-Gaucher

24th April (one to one)

25th-26th April (1day group training)

27th April (one to one)

83840 - La Bastide

8th May (one to one)

9th-10th May (2days group training)

11th Mai (one to one)

28000 - Dreux

17th April (one to one)

18th-19th April (1day group training)

20th April (one to one)

25000 - Besançon 

1st May (one to one)

2nd-3th May (1day group training)

4th May (one to one)

12100 - Millau

Mach to November

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1 day Training Course

1 day (9h-12h30/14h-17h)

Group : 4 to 8 people*/per instructor

*Minimum booking of 4 participants required for training to take place.

Price : 265€/pers. 

Including :

- Training Package (1 day)

- 1 lunch

- snacking coffee break

One to One Training Course

1 day (9h-12h30/14h-17h)

Group : 1 person/per instructor

Price : 395€/pers. 

Including :

- Training Package (1 day)

- 1 lunch

- snacking coffee break

2 days Training Course

2 days (9h-12h30/14h-17h)

Price : 545€/pers. 

Including :

- Training Package (2 days)

- 1 nights accommodation shared twin room

- Meals included (1 breakfast, 2 lunches, 1 evening meal) drinks not included

Please contact us if you wish to arrive the day before.

Group : 4 to 8 people*/per instructor

*Minimum booking of 4 participants required for training to take place.

Information :

We strongly recommend that your bike be equipped with:
-Engine bars

-Cylinder Protection (BMW riders)
-Sump Guard (Temersit, info : ICI)
-Hand Protectors
-Off Road Tyres (Michelin Anakee Wild, info : ICI)

Rider Equipment :

All participants must wear the minimum

-Motorcycle helemt

-Protective Gloves

-Motorcycle jacket with back, elbow and shoulder protection

-Motorcycle trousers with knee protection

-Protective motorcycle boots

ATTENTION : All motorcycles must be road legal !!!