Vincent Biau better known by the nickname "Ptit Maurice" and Stephanie Rowe are the founders of this team.

Following their experiences in recent years, they have decided to share their passion with you.

Both are Official OffRoad BMW Motorrad Instructor.

Vincent Biau alias "Ptit Maurice" has a very a typical biker background.
At the age of 4, he was stung by the motorcycle bug, since then he discovered by the handlebars of his BMW R 1200 GS Adventure most of Europe (Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Hungary, Austria, UK) and Africa (Morocco, Mauritania, Senegal, Tunisia)

In 2010, he was introduced to the "GS TROPHY" concept, by competing in Germany where he finished 35th in very difficult weather conditions.
He took a liking to the concept "GS Trophy" where he found friendship, good company and fair play. In 2011 he decided to link up the GS Trophy events and compete in each country: in France he finished 2nd, Germany 10th and 4th in Belgium. In 2013 he won the GS TROPHY in France gaining the opportunity to represent his country in the GS Trophy International. This time taking place in Canada with 19 nations competing for the title, Vincent led his team to finish 3rd overall.
He also participates in various Rally competitions: in 2012 at the INTERCONTINENTAL RALLY, he ranked 9th place in "race" category and in 2014 at the Hellas Rally he was in 4th position in class until a mechanical problem led to early retirement from the race. 

Pet o Kask Team


- 1991: Starting riding motorcycles at the age of 5.

- 1991 to 2004: Motocross and freeride

- 2004: Obtained motorcycle license

- 2009: Purchased a R 1200 GS Advenuture

- 2012:Raced the Intercontinental Rally Almeria-Dakar

- 2013: Winner of GS Trophy France

- May 2014: Raced the Hellas Rally Greece

- September 2014: Represented team France for the GS Trophy International Canada

- 2017: Raced the Hellas Rally Greece

- 2010 to 2014: Participation of 13 GS Trophy competitions in Europe (France, UK, Germany, Belgium, Japan)

- 2009 to today: More than 100.000kms  Off Road on his R 1200 GS Adventure and Trails through various countries in the world (Spain, Portugal, Morocco, Tunisia, Mauritania, Senegal, Greece, Italy, Germany, Austria, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Japan

Stephanie Rowe passed her motorcycle license at 21 and has been addicted to motorbikes since.
In 2012, she discovered the world of competition and raced in the British Enduro Sprint Championship under the flag of AJP Motors, finishing 3rd overall in the women's category.
In 2013, she became the ambassador of the BMW Motorrad brand following the ONE WORLD ONE R1200GS marketing campaign for the launch of their new GS model, involving international media coverage.
Following this she took part in another marketing project for the brand TOURATECH for the development of accessories for the F800GS Adventure in Greece.
In 2017 she participe and finish her first Rally Raid in Greece (Hellas Rally)


- 2009: Obtained motorcycle license

- 2012: Raced British Enduro / Sprint Championship

- 2013: Chosen rider for the One World One R1200GS Europe campaign

- 2013 to 2014: Participated in various GS Trophy competitions in Europe (UK, Belgium, France, Germany, Japan)

- 2017: Raced Hellas Rally Greece

- 2009 to present: More than 80.000kms OffRoad on a motorcycle through various countries in the world (France, Spain, Portugal, Morocco, Greece, Italy, Germany, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Japan)

Episode 1/11 One World One R 1200 GS with Stephanie

Vincent showing what can be done with a big bike off-road

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